Accepted to The SFHOA


You have been accepted to the SFHOA. Please see below for important information related to getting setup with the association.

Scheduling Information

All contact information for all schedulers is located on the Executive Board page. If you need to reach out to one of the schedulers, you can find out which specific scheduler to contact and their information on that page. 

You can also read more about the scheduling process here.

Using Horizon

You should have already received an email asking you to finish setting up your account with the scheduling software we use, Horizion Web Ref. If not, please reach out to the the person that forwarded the link to this page.

After completing your setup, please watch the following videos on some of the basics of using Horizon. Failure to use the software correctly can lead to not receiving any games since the system relies on YOU setting your availability correctly. 

Please note that schedulers make use of the distance to rinks from your home address when scheduling. Please be sure to update your home address, especially if you are moving to the area from another part of the country. 

Setting Your Availability in Horizon

Blocking Rinks in Horizon


Understanding Your Pay in Horizon